July Q&A with Barbara and Dimitri

July Q & A with Barbara And Dimitri SAI

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Every month Barbara and Dimitri answer your most pressing questions about metaphysics and spiritual growth.

Barbara asks:

How does one know where the line is when you are in a very difficult relationship with someone, and are constantly being disrespected and feel “stepped on” by the other person. At which point are we supposed to react to those types of situations, or are we not to react at all, just continue to love them? How do we know when it is ok to stand up for ourselves, and if that’s even the right thing to do?

Barbara & Dimitri’s Answer:

Relationship situations are never simple or one-sided because there are many considerations. Not knowing details of your particular situation it’s difficult to give a comprehensive answer. But here are some things to consider in situations when one person is not respectful or is over aggressive in a relationship.

No person has the right to step into your auric energy unless you permit that to happen. If someone else is “violating” your space, you certainly have the divine right stand up for yourself and tell that person to back off, but you have to exercise that right.

Sometimes strong-willed souls are teachers in our lives. They teach us we need to be strong ourselves. This doesn’t mean you don’t love them and it doesn’t mean you have to get angry and resentful, but it does mean being dynamic and doing what is right for you.

Remember, God does not intend for us to be in abusive situations.

Meditate with the golden ray of wisdom light to gain more dynamic power, self-confidence and courage. In many cases, this can bring the relationship back into balance.

Hiroko asks:

Does gambling have any bad influences on money karma?

Barbara & Dimitri’s Answer:

Gambling itself does not generate negative karma. But when gambling becomes addictive as it does for some, then yes this is a form of misuse of money. Also many times vested interests get involved in the gambling world and this can also generate money karma. But if you treat gambling as a form of recreation then it is neutral in terms of karma.

For more information about life dynamics, check out Barbara and Dimitri’s book, Karma and Reincarnation. You can find more information and helpful readings in our SAI store or read June’s Q&A.

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