Kingdom of Light
Teacher Program

Develop your full spiritual potential and metaphysical teaching skills.

Program Overview

For those who want to continue life-long learning in the spiritual arts, The Kingdom of Light Teacher Program is an advanced training in the inner mysteries that offers candidates the opportunity to continue in their spiritual studies and develop their full spiritual potential.

Third in the Institute’s three-level training, students have traveled far in their spiritual path and desire to pursue their spiritual development to the fullest. At the start of the program, the candidate and instructors will outline personal objectives and goals. Regardless if the goal is to become a professional teacher, by reaching one’s spiritual potential, candidates can apply the knowledge gained in any facet of life and will go far to fulfill their part in the Divine plan.
There are five levels of certification, each representing a level of spiritual accomplishment as well as a teaching credential with Spiritual Arts Institute. With these credentials, candidates will participate in instructing various programs at the Institute and help many souls advance on their spiritual path.
Topics Covered

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