Helping Souls Grow

Our motto at Spiritual Arts Institute is “Helping Souls Grow.” All teachings, books and products the Institute offers are geared toward facilitating the spiritual evolution of each soul through the time-honored practice of metaphysics – a spiritual discipline that has successfully steered many souls in their quests for divine enlightenment.

SAI emphasizes a metaphysical tradition known as The Kingdom of Light Teachings™. These mystical teachings are presented in a practical, educational context. Our goal is to show how these Divine Light principles are essential to all metaphysical study. They are indispensable tools for personal and spiritual development and meant for all people who wish to better themselves.

The Kingdom of Light Teachings offers a comprehensive, metaphysical practice in working with spiritual energy. Each of us has a spiritual support system that is the power behind everything we do. Mystics call this support system your auric field. Through meditation, you can draw on Divine Light to enhance any aspect of your life – change your aura, change your life. That is one of the spiritual laws.

The Kingdom of Light Teachings are founded upon a rich four-thousand year old tradition. It embraces all aspects of spiritual study and is designed to accommodate the blossoming in human consciousness. It is enjoying a renaissance today as many more people are awakening to the spiritual life and desire to find a teaching that can help them realize their highest spiritual aspirations.

Whether you are looking for fresh inspiration in your spiritual growth or searching for a metaphysical tradition to delve into deeply, The Kingdom of Light Teachings™ offer a most beautiful interpretation of the pathway to God.



Complimentary Meditation

Download this free meditation: Dimitri Moraitis leads you through a guided meditation to invite and receive the turquoise ray of prosperity and abundance. 

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