What is Metaphysics

The Spiritual Root of Physical Life

Metaphysics, which means “that which comes after the physical,” is the study of the spiritual root of physical life. In this way, metaphysics shares similar goals with other noble studies such as general spirituality, theology, philosophy, mysticism, theosophy, and ontology. This sacred undertaking follows a global tradition that goes back to time immemorial and is making a strong resurgence in modern times.
To the metaphysician, we are immortal souls, seeds of the divine who are created and sustained in love by God. This is our true nature. It is our soul that gives us our life and our consciousness. To achieve its full power and splendor, each soul must go through the process of spiritual evolution, gradually maturing into a fully developed, divine being.
The process of spiritual maturation can be likened to a seed planted in the ground. All the potential for the seed to become a mighty oak or radiant rose is already held within. What are needed are the right elements in which to grow: if nourished and undisturbed, the seed cannot help but become that great flower or tree. The soul of man is like a seed that God plants in the garden of creation. All that is needed for the soul to grow is already contained in the core of the soul. To fulfill that potential, the soul must embark on a pilgrimage through creation where it unfolds, eventually making its way back, fully realized, to God.
In this cosmic picture, life on Earth is a schoolhouse and all our experiences are part of our spiritual growth. The soul cannot possibly learn all the lessons of life in a single lifetime, it must come to Earth many times to forge its spiritual mettle. Lifetime after lifetime, the soul comes to experience existence in all of its wonders, vicissitudes, and contrasts. Yet, behind all of our experiences lies our greater spiritual purpose. Whether pleasant or painful, the things we go through in life are learning experiences. From the spiritual perspective, what is happening to us matters less than how we are handling what is happening; that is the true barometer of our spiritual maturity.
From the metaphysical perspective, each soul is precious and essential. Love is always the bond that unites us to the divine. No one is past forgiveness, redemption, and enlightenment. Since we are endowed with a mind, the gift of free choice, and the will to carry out that choice, we are accountable for our actions and deeds. Yet, regardless of what we have done and gone through, we are always given a second chance in life. Mistakes and missteps are part of the growth process. We are always given the opportunity to turn our feet back on the path to God.
In this spiritual process, the aura and the Divine Light are essential. The aura is the register of where we are in our consciousness, the fertile ground in which our spiritual unfolding germinates. It is the light of God that gives us the power to elevate our consciousness into the enlightened state. Eventually, every soul will win the crown of life and earn its way to the heaven worlds – or, as the mystics call it, Spiritual Etheria.



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