Animals of Love

A Book of Children's Poems by Barbara Y. Martin, Illustrations by Philo Barnhart


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Barbara has turned to her love of animals and their spiritual qualities in her new children’s book, Animals of Love: A Book of Children’s Poems.

On the pages of the large-format book are nineteen individual poems, each with a captivating, full-color illustrations. Here is an example of how the poems open a child’s mind and heart to lessons and love from the animals:

The Smart Dolphin
Whenever you see a dolphin swimming
happily in the sea,
did you ever stop to realize that
she’s just as smart as we?

She has a language all her own,
and can communicate
with all her other dolphin friends,
and also with her mate.

And, when she has her babies,
do you know what she will do?
she’ll talk to little dolphins
like your mother talks to you.

Accompanying each poem is a vibrant, full-page illustration by Philo Barnhart, the world-famous animator known for his unforgettable images in Disney movies such as The Secret of NIMH, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and more timeless Disney films, toys and books.

Along with the Smart Dolphin are myriad delightful creatures, from The Peaceful Swan to The Brave Ant, The Compassionate Elephant, The Wise Owl, The Proud Eagle, The Patient Turtle and more, each with their own poetic story of good character, unique personality, and kindness.

As Martin said, “Animals serve the divine in so many ways, but mainly by the giving of themselves. Children gain strength and support from this miraculous part of nature.”

About the Author:
Barbara Y. Martin has been a teacher, lecturer and counselor for over forty years. To establish a home where others could learn about metaphysics, she co-founded the Spiritual Arts Institute, a non-profit organization based in North San Diego County, where she offers classes and spiritual training on-line and in-person to thousands of people, helping them to better their lives by working with spiritual energy.

Best-selling books by Martin and co-author, Dimitri Moraitis, including Change Your Aura, Change Your Life have won numerous awards including the Nautilus book award, Benjamin Franklin award and the Readers Preference award.

Title: Animals of Love
Author: Barbara Y. Martin
Illustrator: Philo Barnhart
Publisher: Spiritual Arts Institute
Subject: Poetry, Animals, Children’s Literature, Picture Books
Format: Hardback, 40 pages, 10.25” X 10.25”, 20 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9702118-3-5
Publish Date: 08-15-18
Price: $16.95



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