Ask Your Angels a Question in 7 Easy Steps

Ask Your Angels a Question

Most of us have a vast maelstrom of questions swirling around our minds, whether it be if a job opening is a good fit, what we’re meant to do with our lives, or if the cute guy the cubicle over is a potential romantic partner! And sure, there are friends and family we can turn to for advice in these situations, but what about seeking advice from your divine friends and family instead? This is a great time to ask your angels a question.

Our angels are all around us, guiding, directing, and inspiring our lives! But did you know that this is hardly a one-sided relationship, and that you can actively interact with your angels by asking them questions about how to best handle your life, career, finances and relationships?

With National Angel Day being April 16th, we thought we’d give you seven easy steps to ask your angels a question. After all, you have at your disposal an entire angelic kingdom ready to assist! So put down those tarot cards, hang up on your psychic, decide what you want to ask, quiet your mind, and be ready for the answer.

Ask Your Angels a Question

1. Reflect On What You Would Like To Ask

Do this in a dispassionate way — if you are frustrated, angry, or upset, it is harder to make a clear connection with the divine.

2. Leave Your Options Open

Many times, we condition the question we are asking because we want a specific outcome. You have to be ready for whatever the divine wishes to share, even if it’s not what you want to hear, because it will always be in your best interest.

3. Establish Protection & Relax

Sit upright in a comfortable chair, legs uncrossed, feet flat on the ground. Envision a golden bubble of spiritual protective energy around you. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax. Do your best to let go of your worries.

4. Ask Your Angels a Question

Once you feel you are in a clear place, ask your question. In your request include the phrase, “According to divine law and love for the good of all concerned.” In making your request, you are letting the Divine direct your actions. You are taking things out of your hands and putting them in God’s hands.

5. Hold to Receive

After you have made your petition, get into the silence. Let your mind be as still as possible. Again, don’t try to steer things — your mind is now the receiving station. Like a radio, you are trying to pick up the signals that the divine is sending you. The inspiration can come in any form — it could be a thought, an image, a sound, or a sense.

6. Give Your Gratitude

If you receive inspiration, give your thanks. If nothing comes through, give your thanks, and hold on to the knowledge that the answer will come in time. Don’t be disappointed if your answer doesn’t come right away, but usually something will come if you are quiet enough to hear it.

7. Act on What Is Given

Once you get an inspiration, act on it. It is in the act of doing that, you will know if it really was divine inspiration or your own thinking. Remain open and hopeful.

If you would like to learn more about interacting with the divine, you can download a free preview of our book “Communing with The Divine”.

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