The Aura and the Transcendent Consciousness

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary (third edition) of Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, our knowledge and understanding of the auric field has blossomed. From time immemorial, mystics have been well-versed in the auric field, because this is where we forge our spiritual mettle. In more modern times, Theosophy and other metaphysical teachings brought knowledge of the aura to the general public.

Then public awareness grew further in the 1960s with advent of Kirlian photography and phenomena such as the “phantom leaf” effect. Yet even at this stage, public understanding of the aura was in its early stages. The goal of the first edition of Change Your Aura, Change Your Life was to show the beauty and complexity of the aura and how you can improve it through meditation and application. Everything we’re creating is first manifesting in the auric field. So building up the auric power is key to success in any endeavor.

Today, we are moving into a new phase of working with the aura.

Of course, it’s still the energetic foundation of everything we express and create. Yet now curiosity about the aura is evolving into a deeper desire to apply these auric principles not only in day-to-day cares, but in the development of our soul. People are crying out for real soul development, which means it’s time for a more mature understanding of the auric field and its relationship to the transcendent consciousness.

Transcendent consciousness is the experience of stepping out of the immersion in physical consciousness and gaining a greater, objective experience of the spiritual life. You develop the transcendent consciousness by enlightening the energies of your aura. Your aura is a collection of various states of consciousness. That’s what the various auric colors represent. You are not always aware of these states as aspects of your consciousness operate on unconscious levels. Some of these states of consciousness are on a developed, enlightened level, while other levels are less developed and unenlightened. Most people have the “mixed aura” which means both enlightened and unenlightened energies are present in the aura at the same time. We are all in the process of releasing unenlightened energies and building up greater spiritual power. The question is, what do all these various states of consciousness add up to? Are they only to be able to manifest the various goals we have?

Of course, the aura is essential to all activities of life. Yet the various aspects of our aura are the keys to the evolution of our consciousness. Nowhere is this better described than the transcendent consciousness, the abilities to reach beyond the material sensing and into the inner mystical union with the root of life.

In our meditations with the aura, we call on Divine Light.

The Divine Light is the fuel of your evolution. Every time you call in Divine Light into your aura, you are calling in some facet of divine consciousness, and this is helping to evolve your soul and draws you closer to your divine source. Changing and elevating your aura is not only empowering you in certain areas of your life, but also raising your consciousness into new understandings of those areas, which adds up to the transcendent experience.

For example, we often think of prosperity in terms of money flows. Yet prosperity is first a consciousness; it’s not what’s in your pocket. This consciousness shows up in the auric field as radiant turquoise light. This light embodies the consciousness of wealth and abundance. As you hold onto the wealth consciousness, then by divine law, you will eventually manifest wealth. Yet this consciousness of wealth is not an end unto itself. It’s not just about making money. It’s a facet of the transcendent consciousness. So, you are understanding prosperity not just in terms of earthly needs but as an eternal principle of life.

This same principle holds for all facets of life. Step-by-step you build up every area of your auric anatomy, you eventually cross the threshold to a whole new spiritual revelation. Look at where you are in your consciousness, the areas that are strong and the areas that are weak. Right now, you have more opportunities to enlighten your aura than ever before. Elevating your consciousness is what helps you to reach your spiritual potential and serve humanity in more beautiful and wondrous ways.


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