The Power of Divine Light Meditation

Today, there are many different types of meditation each offering their value depending upon what you are looking for. Some meditations concentrate on breathing techniques, others focus on a reciting a mantra to focus and still the mind, yet other practices encourage the person to mediate with “mindfulness” on something beautiful, like compassion.

What is the difference between Divine Light meditation and other forms of mediation?

In meditating with Divine Light, you are drawing upon the universal life energy—the Divine Light—into your aura to uplift and elevate your consciousness. Right now, you have the ability to tap an unlimited, spiritual reservoir of energy that can help you in every aspect of your life. Think of it as your spiritual bank account. Need more love in your life? Bring in the energy that is the embodiment of love. Looking for new inspiration? Call on the energy that inspires new ideas. How about more prosperity? Draw in the very power that manifests wealth.

By calling on spiritual energy, you can make changes in your life faster and more effectively, your chances of sustained success far greater than if you went at it on your own.

Meditating with Divine Light is actually a form of meditation and prayer. You begin by petitioning the divine for a particular quality of Divine Light that you want—be it peace, love, wisdom or understanding—through with are called “meditative prayers.” Then, you get into the meditative state to receive that power in your aura and consciousness. It is a beautiful dialogue with the Divine.

With Divine Light mediation, there a great variety of spiritual powers you can call upon because there are many aspects of the divine life to receive and embody. You are like a spiritual artist with a rainbow of colors to choose from.

How does meditating with Divine Light work?

In a way, you could say this is intentional meditation.

Before you step into the meditative state, you decide what you want the Light to do for you. Let’s say you’re starting this great new project at work, and you want to get more spiritual momentum behind it. You would meditate with spiritual energies that would help you in your career endeavors. Or let’s say you hare having relationship issues, then you might call upon different spiritual energies to help you heal or build a healthy relationship with others. The potential is limitless.

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