Creativity and the World of Spirit

When we think of Heaven and the hereafter, we think of the time when we die. Yet the Great Beyond is so much more. Heaven is the foundation to your full creative expression and spiritual unfoldment here in physical life. Many of the key things we accomplish on Earth are first generated in the world of spirit. This inner creative process includes: artistic and inventive creations, character and relationship building, and spiritual development to name a few.

Before we incarnate on Earth, we inhabit the spiritual worlds. The other side is where our soul came from before we were born of physical parents. So we come from the world of spirit, we are supported by the spiritual worlds during our lifetime, and we will all, one day, return to the life of spirit when our time on Earth is finished. The Great Beyond is our true home! Earth is a temporary habitat where we experience physical life to learn, love, grow and creativity express ourselves.

Before we incarnate, there is a plan, a design, for our upcoming incarnation. We don’t just figure it out as we go along, although it can feel life that at times! In the same way there is a curriculum before going to school, there is a design of our incarnated life that is there to empower and to help bring out the best in each of us. Metaphysics calls this spiritual design our “Tapestry of Life.” To succeed in this design, we spend part of our time on the other side preparing for our upcoming incarnation.

For example, say you are on the other side, and you are meant to get married and have children in your upcoming incarnation. To prepare for all that’s involved in having a family, you may spend time taking care of children in the spirit worlds being sort of a foster parent. This gives you opportunity to experience raising children. The knowledge of this is placed in your aura, so that when you incarnate, you bring in that power with you. Of course you still have to go through the process of dating, marrying, and having children, but there is this inner understanding that you have built that helps you accomplish these things.

The key is accessing this power and knowledge. Many times, we get distracted or discouraged in and don’t follow through on all we are capable of achieving. While the Divine supports and inspires us throughout our life, we need to be open and receptive to that inspiration. Even with a plan and spiritual support, it’s not easy to fulfill our life’s purpose. It takes everything we have and many times, more than we think we have to give! Yet this is the way we forge our spiritual mettle. And even if we don’t know our direction in life, we put the same energy to seek to find it, because it is there for the finding.

Meditation is a wonderful support system to bring in your creative power, because it helps you connect with the inner, spiritual you and the spiritual worlds that support you. It helps you alignwith creativity already prepared by you in the spiritual realms but have not yet manifest in physical life. It also helps you release distractions and discouragements that can detour you from fully expressing your creative power.

The bottom line is: do everything you can to follow through with the things you are prompted to do. Make best use of your time. It is precious. Continually develop yourself—your skills, talents and character—to become the person you have the potential to be. It is through striving and seeking that you find fulfillment and are spiritually strengthened.

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