Traveling to the World of Spirit

Many of us build our lives on the principle of a great beyond and that our actions on Earth determine the kind of life we will have in the hereafter. What’s more, there have been countless cases of people reporting experiences in the spiritual worlds such as near-death experiences and astral travel. These can be life-changing events where people are given a glimpse of the greater spiritual life. Yet, there is another type of spirit world encounter that all of us are part of.

It may come as a surprise that, from time to time throughout your life, you are taken out of the body to the inner worlds to be refreshed and inspired at night while you sleep. These nighttime encounters happen for every soul on Earth. During sleep, the body and conscious mind are at rest, but the spiritual part of you can be quite active. A spiritual regeneration takes place that helps to refresh your consciousness. In many ways, you are closer to spirit while you sleep because your mind is not preoccupied with daily affairs. You are more open to the Divine in this deeply relaxed state.

These occasional inner-world visits happen for several reasons. The Divine periodically takes you to the inner realms to keep you connected to the spiritual worlds. Earth is a temporary habitat; the spiritual realms are your real home. Even while in physical life, a part of you remains connected to the spirit world. You are never disconnected from the Divine no matter what is going on in physical life. Going to the inner worlds at night helps to detach from physical cares and refreshes the soul. Another reason for these inner-world travels is to support you in completing your purpose. Most often, you don’t bring back memory of these experiences, yet you reap the benefits. By keeping an open and receptive mind, you integrate the inner world inspirations when in waking life.

You can’t really control when and how these spirit world experiences will happen, but there are things you can do to facilitate this natural spiritual nighttime process. The first thing is to get a good night’s sleep! In today’s fast-paced world, sleeping well seems hard to come by. Once the day is over and you are preparing for sleep, do your best to let go daily cares. No matter what happened during the day, clear your mind. Too many times, we make the mistake of taking our troubles to bed with us. Thinking about our problems while lying in bed stimulates the consciousness, making it more difficult to sleep. We also make the mistake of stimulating the consciousness by surfing the internet or watching television just before sleep. When you are ready to slumber, you want your mind quiet and free.

Another tool to facilitate the spiritual processes that go on while you sleep is to meditate near bedtime. Meditation is your one-on-one time with the Divine. Even a brief meditation at bedtime is enormously beneficial. In your meditation, make a prayer request asking for the Divine Light to bless your bedroom. If you sleep with someone, ask the Divine Light to bless them as well. Then ask to receive spiritual power from the inner worlds to bless you and help you build a strong rapport with the nighttime spiritual work. Lighting a candle while you meditate is also very helpful. This nighttime meditation can give you more peace, inspiration, better balance in your consciousness, and more motivation in all you do.

We are all part of the spiritual world even while in physical life. We come from these realms before we are born. They sustain us here in physical life, and we will return to these inner worlds when our time here on Earth comes to its end.

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