The Beginning of a Spiritual Renaissance

We are at the beginning of a spiritual renaissance greater than the world has ever seen. The technological, financial and business progress of the last 200 years have been titanic for civilization.  Yet in all this acceleration of civilization’s development what is most essential is the greater spiritual opportunities that are unfolding. Metaphysics teaches that everything of this physical world is born of the spiritual. This means that, more than ever, now is the time to understand the spiritual roots of our physical existence.

Not long ago we believed the universe to be relatively small and accessible. Today we know the universe to be staggeringly large with billions of galaxies. This makes us wonder: where is God in the grandeur of the universe?  What is my role in all of this? The greater understanding of the physical universe demands a greater understanding of the Divine, so we are able to better orient ourselves in this fast changing world.

Metaphysics is the ancient, grand study of the spiritual roots of physical life. It is a science and an art.  It teaches that life and the universe is in a constant state of evolving and spiritually unfolding. And this evolution is not happening blindly; it is being guided by Divine intelligence.  Our planet, our civilization is not blindly figuring it out.  The planet is spiritually evolving during this spiritual rebirth, and as a civilization we are spiritually growing.  In this period of growth, some of the mysteries of life are now revealing themselves.

If you have had the spiritual calling, it’s not accidental.  It’s the Divine knocking on your door. Answer the call! It means it’s time to be part of the unfolding spiritual renaissance and make your contribution.

At Spiritual Arts Institute, our mission is to help souls grow and find their fullest spiritual potential.  We offer a comprehensive study of metaphysics through ground-breaking books, events and programs based on decades of clairvoyant study. Through our flagship training, The Seven Spiritual Arts Program (and other featured programs), you can accelerate your spiritual growth and embrace the spiritual renaissance helping you fulfill your soul’s potential.

Reach out to our New Student Coordinator ( to learn about our life-changing programs and how we can support you in your spiritual journey.


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