Overcoming Mass Hypnosis

We marvel in this information age how much human knowledge is readily accessible and how quickly we can communicate with each other, which has greatly improved the quality of life. Yet we are also keenly aware of the dangers of misinformation and disinformation and how fast that false information can now travel.

There is a dimension in the spiritual realms far vaster than any technological marvel—universal mind. Within universal mind is every thought humanity has ever had, is having now, and will ever have. These mass thoughts can be good, bad or indifferent. We are tapping into the collective ideas in universal mind as we would sign onto the Internet. It is through universal mind that we can cooperate together with a common purpose propelling us to great good or to great evil.

What many don’t realize is there is such a thing as mass hypnotic thought. This is when a group of people share in a type of mass hypnosis. These mass hypnotic thoughts are of our own collective making. While they reside in universal mind, anyone can tap into them if they are not careful becoming part of the collective hypnotic experience.

Mass hypnotic thinking is so prevalent and encompassing that many times we do not realize we have fallen under its influence. Striking examples would be Adolph Hitler’s ability to mesmerize an entire country to do his bidding, terrorists willing to blow themselves up mistakenly thinking they are doing God’s work, to name a few. Other forms of mass hypnotic thinking are less nefarious yet still just as prevalent. For example, materialism, the belief there is only a physical universe with no spiritual foundation, is in truth a mass hypnotic thought that many intelligent people have fallen prey to.

What does it feel like when you’ve succumbed to mass hypnosis? Reactions can greatly vary depending on the hypnotic thought. There can be the feeling of delusional euphoria when you mistakenly think you have all of life’s riddles worked out, because you are so smart. It can make you feel better or less than others. It can make you feel you are swept in a tide you have no control over. It can feel like the world is falling apart all around you. A common reaction is inexplicable anxiety and depression—like you have put your head in a vice and someone is tightening the screws.

You have to be more alert than ever to release mass negative thinking. You have the power but have to exercise that power. Proclaim your spiritual right to refuse negativity when the world wants to throw its hypnotic trance at you. If you catch yourself falling prey to the world’s mesmerism, call on the Divine Light to help you get out. Say no to those insidious suggestions that want to hold you back. Know that the Divine is lovingly with you all the way. You are the master of your own destiny.

Join our Overcoming Mass Hypnosis In this eye-opening workshop, discover how to tune out of the world’s mass hypnosis and into your own true self. Learn effective meditations with Divine Light to purify and steady your consciousness to be open to divine inspiration flowing from realms greater than universal mind, yet refuse to succumb to the bombardments of mass hypnotic thinking.


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