The Aura and Truth

By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

One of the most fascinating aspects of the human aura is it doesn’t lie! Everything you truly think, feel and do is reflected in your auric field. If you are feeling love, then there is an elevating pink energy which reflects that love in your aura. If you are angry, that anger creates a disturbing, vitiated red energy in your aura which needs to be cleared out. We can lie to each other or to ourselves, but we cannot conceal that lie from the aura. So the aura is a spiritual truth teller.

When someone lies, there’s an ugly energy in the aura. It comes through as dirty, dark avocado green—the energy of deceit. The problem is when you lie, you are not only generating avocado green energy in your aura, you are potentially spreading that negative energy to others. There’s a transmission of energy. The avocado green energy can project to the person being deceived. If the receiving person accepts the lie, that person will also accept some of the avocado green energy into their own aura.

To make matters worse, if the person receiving and accepting the deceit, then shares it with others, that negative energy can continue to spread, even though that person was not the originator of the lie. Like a contagious disease, deceit can spread from one person to another. This is one reason why insidious beliefs can grow quickly. If left unchecked, soon there can be a group of people believing the same lie and among themselves reinforcing that falsehood.

With the explosion of the information age when misinformation can travel faster than truth, it is more important than ever to distinguish what is true from what is false. Metaphysics teaches that truth is objective. It is part of the universal laws of life. Truth shows up in the aura as a dynamic royal blue light.

We may have differing opinions, but opinions are not truth. Opinions and beliefs are personal, subjective perspectives and not necessarily objective truths. As a spiritual seeker, you want the truth. If you discover you are wrong about something, quickly acknowledge and correct it. Truth sets you free. There may be a sting at first to realize you accepted something that was not true, but that sting is temporary. Once you let it go, new, healthier opportunities open up for you.

Meditation and the aura can help because meditation is your contact time with the Divine. And through meditation, you’re asking to receive the truth. That vibration moves into your aura helping you to recognize and embrace truth more readily. Hold to truth in all things, and it will serve you well throughout your life.


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