The Aura and Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration

Creativity is essential both personally and in a progressive society. The world needs creative energy. Regardless if you are an artist or inventor, creativity needs to be part of your life. It is part of your spiritual power and makes life exciting. In today’s technological world, we tend to downplay the creative process, yet both […]

The Truth About Soul Mates

One of the most beautiful aspects of walking the spiritual path is the principle that every soul has its companion—a soul mate.  Your soul mate is part of your pilgrimage through creation to share in the adventures of your spiritual evolution. Yet there is much confusion and misunderstanding regarding this age-old teaching.  Many people have […]

Religion and Metaphysics

Q: Do I have to give up my religion to walk the metaphysical path?   A: The answer is a resounding no. You can most definitely continue your religious practice and embrace the metaphysical path. As a matter of fact, metaphysics can deepen your understanding and appreciation of the religion you may be practicing. Metaphysics […]

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