The Truth About Soul Mates

One of the most beautiful aspects of walking the spiritual path is the principle that every soul has its companion—a soul mate.  Your soul mate is part of your pilgrimage through creation to share in the adventures of your spiritual evolution. Yet there is much confusion and misunderstanding regarding this age-old teaching.  Many people have spent time and energy looking for their soul mate and not found that person. Psychologists have cautioned that hoping for that “perfect someone” can set unrealistically high expectations.

Metaphysics has a rather unique perspective on soul mates. It teaches that while we really do have a soul mate, that soul mate is not with us here in physical life. It’s a relationship that is primarily reserved for our experiences in the spirit worlds.What happens is when one soul mate incarnates on earth, the other mate stays on the other side to help the one incarnating, and visa versa.  So when you are here, your soul mate is on the other side.  And when you are on the other side, your soul mate is here.

When you pass from this life through the portal we call death, you reunite with family and friends and eventually have a reunion with your soul mate. When that happens, there is absolutely no question who you are dealing with.  The love and connection you have with your soul mate goes beyond words.

Why doesn’t your soul mate join you here? Actually, your soul mate can help you more from the other side.  You learn from your soul mate, as well as love them.  They support you in your successes and mistakes, as you support theirs. Now once in a very great while, two soul mates will be together in physical life but that is by far the exception.

If soul mates are on the other side, what about our romantic relationships here?  The love we have for our soul mate does not interfere in any way with our earthly romantic expressions of love. Of course, we love. We get married and have children if that is our calling. We experience life. While you are on earth you are supposed to love others. Your soul mate can actually help you when dealing with romantic relationships.

When God brings wonderful people in your life, acknowledge them. There are many bright, attractive individuals who are looking for love and waste precious time waiting for that perfect someone, when they could be out enjoying healthy, productive relationships. Look at how you are perfecting yourself in that relationship rather than looking for the perfect relationship.

And don’t worry about your soul mate. Your relationship with your soul mate is growing all along even if you are not together now. Eventually, you will be reunited.

Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis are the co-founders of Spiritual Arts Institute, the premier metaphysical school for the aura, health and spiritual growth.

To learn more join Barbara and Dimitri on June 17 or June 18 for our Soul Mates workshop.


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