FAQ About Metaphysics

living-light. What is the purpose of metaphysics?

To offer insight and assistance in accelerating the soul’s spiritual unfoldment.

news. Is metaphysics a religion?

No. Metaphysics is a way of life. It’s a lifestyle that combines an approach, a philosophy, and a practical way of living.

change-your-aura. Do I have to give up my religion to follow metaphysics?

No. True metaphysics honors the divine teachings in all religions and enhances the worship and appreciation of the religion you are practicing.

spiritual-healing. Do I have to give up my personal lifestyle to follow metaphysics?

No. Metaphysics teaches that we begin our spiritual ascent right from where we are. Look first to improve the conditions you are presently facing, and gradually the spiritual life will enfold to you in a natural way.

meditative-prayers. How do I know if the teachings I’m receiving are true and accurate?

When being introduced to any spiritual teaching, first see if the teaching resonates with you and appeals to the highest and best in you. If so, then put those teachings to the test. Do they work in your life? Judge the tree by the fruit.

evolving-your-soul. Do I need a spiritual teacher to walk the path of light?

We walk our own path to God. No one can do it for us. Yet, it can be of great assistance to find a qualified teacher. There are many intricacies in reaching the spiritual summit, and to do it completely on our own is a little like trying to learn medicine without going to medical school. Even a true teacher must go through training and many rigors before becoming qualified to teach.

realizing-your-purpose. If a teacher charges for instruction, is this a true teacher?

It depends. Some schools of metaphysics do not charge for their teachings. The reason for this is to steer clear of vested interest or the feeling that a student can buy their way to enlightenment. However, as the adage tells us, “The laborer is worthy of his hire.” There needs to be balance in any type of spiritual exchange. When done correctly, charging for instruction is an effective way to balance that energy.

8. Why do there appear to be so many paths to God?

All true paths to God are part of the same path, but are couched in different languages and terminology to accommodate diverse cultures and peoples.

events. What is expected of me while walking the metaphysical path to God?

Metaphysics requires the sincerest effort and dedication. One must apply the principles of truth diligently in the day-to-day dealings of life for those truths to take hold. Metaphysics asks us to puts things in their spiritual order by putting God first. With knowledge comes responsibility, but also great rewards.

Inspirations. What exactly is spiritual growth?

The maturing and development of the soul’s divine potential.


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