Teaching Children to Meditate with Divine Light

Teaching Children to Meditate with Divine Light

By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis:

It’s exciting to see with more people interested in the aura and spiritual energy that many parents are wishing their children to be a part of that experience. Many times, it’s the children themselves who are expressing interest or have had an experience seeing spiritual light. If your child has interest, an effective and safe practice is to introduce them to reflective meditation with Divine Light. It’s simple and fun to do.

Introducing children to meditation is becoming more commonplace. There are schools that now offer yoga, mindful meditation and even simply “quiet time” for their students and are seeing wonderful, positive results. With the growing interest in spirituality coupled with the greater demands of daily life, more people are turning to meditation to keep themselves centered, and more parents are introducing their children to meditation as a form of stress reduction or to acquaint them with the benefits of a spiritually centered lifestyle.

Reflective meditation with Divine Light helps to stimulate and uplift the auric field.  The aura is a vibratory essence that surrounds all living things. Everything you think, feel, and do radiates a spiritual energy that can be clairvoyantly perceived in various colors and hues. We all have an aura. Children most definitely have an aura, although their aura is developing just like they are. As the child is growing, so is their auric power. Reflective meditation is a wonderful tool to help in your child’s early development, especially up to twelve years old.

With reflective meditation, you are quieting the mind and envisioning pleasing scenes with special emphasis on uplifting colors.  By choosing colors in meditation that correspond to colors of the aura, this can have the effect of attracting spiritual power to uplift you.

You can gently introduce your child to the idea that all of us have this beautiful colorful aura around us. It tells us who we are and what is going on with us. Encourage them in a gentle way. You don’t want to put or introduce too much too fast. If your child does not show interest, honor that, even if it is a passion for you.

When teaching your children to meditate with Divine Light, make it fun. For example, carnation red in the aura indicates vitality and pep. If you notice your child is tired, you can encourage them to meditate and envision eating a luscious red apple. As they taste the apple, they feel that this red apple gives them tremendous energy. You can guide your child in this meditation or they can do it themselves with you or on their own.

If your child is nervous, they can envision themselves running through a field of purple flowers and feeling very peaceful. Purple in the aura indicate a peaceful nature. By envisioning this color, it is helping to actually draw more of that energy into the aura creating a feeling of tranquility. The more vivid the imagery the better the effect.

If your child need more confidence, they can see themselves in a golden waterfall feeling strong and mighty, able to do anything. Gold is an energy of dynamic strength and power in the aura. When they are feeling sad about something, they can envision valentine pink hearts floating down from above and going inside their bodies, filling them with a loving, warm pink light that makes them feel happy and joyful.

Of course, any type of meditation is done in addition to all the good parental advice you would instill in your child, the good ethics and morality. Reflective meditation wonderfully complements any religious practice or is effective alone simply for its own intrinsic value.

Introducing children to the tools of reflective meditation will elevate their aura, help them in their lives, and prepare them for when they are older. It can be a wonderful way to bring in healthy spiritual principles at a young age.


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