The Spiritual Purpose of Money

The Spiritual Purpose of MoneyMoney plays such a central role in our lives yet too many times we do not step back and ask, “What is the spiritual purpose of money?” What part does it play in our spiritual evolution and development? We certainly understand its place in our day-to-day life. Yet we can get so caught up in the pursuit of money, we forget money’s spiritual purpose.

Of course money is a form of exchange. It represents a value for a service or product. As we study metaphysics, we recognize the spiritual component to money. Money is a form of spiritual energy. In the aura, the energy of prosperity comes through in a beautiful turquoise light.

In this time of economic challenges and opportunities, understanding the spiritual dimensions of money is one of the most important lessons civilization is currently facing. Our very progress as a society and as individuals depends on cultivating a spiritually mature point of view of money and finances.

Spiritually speaking, money represents our ability to harness the powers of the earth in service to the divine plan. Each of us has a part to play in life. We all have a purpose. To fulfill this purpose, we are going to have to employ all our talents and skills. Money provides the resources we will need to fulfill our spiritual task. Naturally, part of this task is to take care of our immediate material needs. We are meant to partake of God’s great riches personally. Yet, at the same time we are meant to take the wealth we accumulate and put it to the divine use it was given.

If you are in the fortunate situation of having been blessed with abundance, you earned it. That is your good karma coming back to you. You are meant to enjoy that prosperity. Yet at the same time, you are meant to take that wealth and use it. If you merely accumulate it, you deprive yourself of the very reason you have the wealth to begin with. The person who dies with the most money does not necessarily win! Challenge yourself and search your heart to find the best expression of your wealth. It is ironic that those who fall into the trap of hoarding wealth find that in a future life their economic situation may not be so good in order to learn the true lesson of money.

If you find yourself in the situation of not having enough money to accomplish your needs or goals, then you have to be honest with yourself and evaluate what you are doing that might be hindering your wealth building. For example, if it is your purpose to build a cathedral, then you are going to need the material resources to build such a great edifice. Are you going to tread gingerly and cautiously or will you need to be bold? Many in the spiritual work are too timid when it comes to the activity of money forgetting that all money ultimately comes from God. You must proclaim your wealth boldly.

The bottom line with money is motive. It is your motivations for your financial pursuits and how well you are following through that determines if you are in rhythm with the divine purpose of prosperity. When put in its true perspective, prosperity is as much a part of the divine life as anything else.

God has rich days in store for humanity. Despite current challenges, we are heading to a time of spiritual unity and cooperation. Prosperity is going to play a prominent role in this New Day. Pay attention to the lessons that money presents. They are part of your growth and unfoldment and help you to fulfill your spiritual destiny.

In Divine Light,

Barbara Y. Martin


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