A Prayer for Our Nation

A Prayer for Our Nation

As one of the most dramatic and unexpected election seasons comes to its conclusion, we have a new president elect. Regardless of how you feel about the results—happy, scared or uncertain—it’s time to come together as a nation and support our new leader.

The Holy Ones are saying that they do see good things ahead for our nation despite how the election process unfolded. From the spiritual perspective, there were some unusual energy dynamics that happened which made this election unpredictable.

Metaphysics teaches that all things are in God’s loving hands, and this election is no different. The Divine is intimately involved in the process of leadership because there is a national karma and greater world purpose involved. A nation is not an island unto itself, but part of civilization as a whole.

There is always free will. There may be a divine plan, but we as a people choose how to manifest that plan through the expression of free will. This is how we learn, grow and express our creativity.

We honor all the candidates who worked so hard to effectively represent the people who supported them. We especially acknowledge Hillary Clinton for her sincerity, intelligence and her decades of civil service. The work she represents does not end here and continues to move forward.

Let us remember we are one people and children of the same God. Let us respect one another, honor each other regardless of differing beliefs and work together to fulfill the destiny of our nation.

We offer a prayer for President-Elect Donald Trump:

“May the golden ray of wisdom light bless him and support him in the days ahead, so that he makes wise decisions and thinks first of those he is serving. May he always respond to the divine guidance that will be inspiring him during his term in office and act on that inspiration. May the deep rose-pink ray of divine love fill his aura and open his heart to compassion, so that he may recognize the divine spark in himself and in all people. May he be an effective servant to humanity.”

We call on the citizens of our country to rise to their highest and best self. Demonstrate your wisdom and compassion. Be wary of civic ignorance and apathy. The national discussion should not just happen every four years. It’s our duty to stay independently informed on the issues of the day, not just respond to particular perspectives or biases. If you see something that could be done better, do something about it. Work to make your community, your society a better place to live.

May God and the Spiritual Hierarchy bless us all.


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