The Aura and Leadership

We are all given the test of leadership at one point or another. It’s part of our spiritual growth as many talents and character traits must be developed to be an effective leader. There are lessons for those who lead and for those who are under the leadership of someone.

When in a leadership role, it’s important to honor the Divine in those who are working for you. You are in a position of responsibility. Honor that position by seeing your leadership as an act of divine service. In that role, your first job is to inspire those working for you. Encourage their inner creative nature to express itself to fulfill the reason that brought you together. Recognize the divine part they are playing. Remember, it is God who put you in the leadership role. Serve God by serving those under you and watch how the relationship blossoms.

If you are under the direction of someone, it important to honor that relationship. Too many people cast their superiors in an adversarial role. This can make one fearful or resentful of that person’s authority. Remember that by serving those in authority to the best of your ability, you’re serving God. It’s reassuring to know that God is the only true boss. You may disagree with a boss, but you can’t judge the situation because you don’t know all that person is dealing with in that position.

Leadership skills show very clearly in the auric field. The aura is a vibratory essence that surrounds all living things. It forms the energetic blueprint of the soul and is the place from which all achievements are born. If you are you a parent, head of a corporation or a leader of a country, your aura is invested with spiritual power when you are placed in a position of leadership to help you make right decisions for those who are entrusted in your care. 

A key energy clairvoyantly seen in the aura of a strong leader is the golden ray of wisdom light. People with this spiritual energy are dynamic and decisive. They know how to make decisions and follow through on those decisions. They have a self-confidence born out of experience in learning how to deal with situations and people. If the leader is compassionate, there will also be a loving deep rose-pink ray radiating in the aura. This type of leader looks for the best in others and has compassion in the workplace.

With some of the best leaders, you will find the high brilliant blue energy in the auric field. This type of energy shows someone who can see the big picture. They understand what needs to be done and know how to go about making things happen. They are good planners, strategists and execute projects well. They will show determination and can be stern at times, but this is in service to the work that needs to be done.

Through meditation, you can infuse these power rays in your aura to help build your confidence, dynamic strength and leadership skills. This will help in your own life for the planning and decisions you need to make to be successful in all your pursuits.


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