What are the Kingdom of Light Teachings? Interview with Barbara Y Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

What are the Kingdom of Light Teachings? Barbara Y Martin, known as the Mozart of metaphysics, an award-winning author and one of the world’s leading clairvoyants and authorities on the auric field, feels the time is right to share new insights into her 40 years’ experience of working in metaphysics.

Barbara reveals the tradition of metaphysics that has been her source of inspiration—a tradition known as The Kingdom of Light Teachings™.

These marvelous teachings offers a comprehensive, metaphysical practice in working with spiritual energy—the Divine Light. Their purpose is to accommodate the blossoming in human consciousness and offer fresh insight to the ancient path of enlightenment. Following a 4,000-year-old tradition, these teachings embrace all aspect of metaphysics from the aura, meditation and prayer to healing, reincarnation and spiritual growth. The goal of these teachings is to help you reach your highest personal and spiritual potential.

Working closely with Barbara is Dimitri Moraitis, director of Spiritual Arts Institute. Dimitri has studied with Barbara for decades and is now trained as a teacher in the Kingdom of Light Tradition. Together Barbara and Dimitri have written three extraordinary books – Change Your Aura Change Your Life, The Healing Power of Your Aura, Karma and Reincarnation. They are now bringing the most comprehensive program yet on this metaphysical work and are very excited to share you the beauty and opportunity these teachings offer.

Here is my first interview with Barbara and Dimitri on The Kingdom of Light Teachings ™.

(A) I’m delighted to be here with you as this all sounds so exciting and new. Barbara, you’ve been teaching these principles so long, why have you decided to share with us now the source of your teachings?

(A) Why are people ready for this now?

  • (B & D) People have experimented and people have been trying different things. They go to events, to workshops, read books, and get motivated but in the end they feel as if they are back in the same place. Many have come to realize that something is not there.

(A) You have said these teachings bring new revelations, knowledge, and extraordinary powers to humanity. What does this mean?

  • (B & D) In a nutshell the Kingdom of Light teachings bring a deeper understanding of God. A deeper revelation of what this whole path is about. We may have been seeing it only seeing it through one lens, but through The Kingdom of Light Teachings we look at the nature of God from a different perspective. For example is one thing when you are looking at the moon through a telescope with a small magnification, but if you have a Hubble telescope you are looking at the moon in more details. The Kingdom of Light teachings is still the path of enlightenment. But with this teaching you can achieve some of the goals faster, if you are dedicated.

(A) You mentioned before that the KOL teachings are related to the Christos in each one of us and that The Christ consciousness is the link to our God awareness. What do you mean by God awareness? Aren’t most people aware of God?

  • (B & D) Not at all, how many people can you say have had the genuine God experience? Many are seeking the God experience. That is the whole dilemma with the agnostics and atheists; they would tell you there is no God because they can’t see God. None of us have seen God; we go by faith. The illuminated soul has had the God experience but to get to that place you need to awaken your Christ’s consciousness.

(A) Since you are speaking about the illuminated, can you give me examples of people who have achieved that?

  • B & D) Every illuminated soul that has walked this Earth, From Jesus, to Moses to Buddha to Krishna, all the initiates and genuine gurus have reached that level.

(A) You spoke about people are tired of reaching out; to too many things and that they feel stuck in the same place. And you also mentioned the awareness these teachings bring. What is the difference in the awareness that these teachings can bring?

  • (B & D) It is a heightened awareness of the spiritual life. Instead of coming from the 5th floor, you are coming from the penthouse. It is a clearer signal, a stronger understanding, a more direct connection to the Divine Source.

(A) How would people’s lives change by having a mystical experience and union with the Divine?

  • (B & D) A mystical experience is a great goal of our earthly existence. But it is a long range plan. There is no such thing as an overnight enlightenment. As you start working with the light, as you start to follow the principles, you are going to see positive changes within yourself. You will have more confidence; you are going to feel that you are really are in the right road. The question marks and the doubts will slowly start to subside. And also when you have challenges, you are going to feel like you have practical tools to master them. Some people think that the path of enlightenment is not practical. They think they have to leave everything behind that they have to go to a mountaintop. No, this is a practical path. You have your boots on the ground, living your life but you are living it with a certain sense of purpose.

(A) What is the highest personal and spiritual potential a person can reach because of these teachings?

  • (B & D) There are two very strong dynamics we need to pay attention in this life: how far can you climb in the spiritual ladder in this lifetime and fulfilling the purpose you came to Earth. Metaphysics is design to help you reach your potential so then you can go out and fulfill your purpose, whatever it is for each person. Metaphysics is design to help you reach that pinnacle. Then how you apply it is of course within your own hands. It can mean to be the best lawyer, the best doctor. It might be that you are going to be a spiritual teacher, or you are going to be a scientist or an artist. Wherever you apply these gifts you are going to have strong inner power because you took time to develop yourself.

(A) How can a person know this is for him/her?

  • B & D) They have to try it.

(A) Are there any inner promptings to pay attention to?

  • (B & D ) If you are reading this and you are resonating with this then it is time to try it. You won’t know until you get your feet wet a little bit.

(A) How can anyone know the difference between a true spiritual teaching and a false one?

  • (B & D) You are always supposed to put the teachings to the test; you are not supposed to accept anything on blind faith. Your rational mind doesn’t go out of the window because you are relying on your intuition. The two work together. When you are prompted or impressed with something you need to try these ideas and see how they work in your life. The results will be your own validation.

(A) Since you are saying it takes time- what is the time commitment?

  • (B & D) For some people metaphysics is like a casual date, they just want to get their feet wet and kind of explore this. For others, they want to delve into it a little bit deeper. And for others it becomes a way of life. We say metaphysics is not a religion but it is a way of life, you want to look at it as a lifestyle choice.

Unfortunately our time together came to an ending, but the questions increased… Another interview is on the making. Aren’t you curios to know more?

If you have any questions you can write them down in the comment box and I will try to include them.

In the meantime have wonderful “filled with light” week.


Barbara Y. Martin is an internationally renowned clairvoyant, award-winning author, and spiritual teacher. Dimitri Moraitis is co-author and executive director of Spiritual Arts Institute. Their latest book Karma and Reincarnation: Unlocking Your 800 Lives to Enlightenment is published by Penguin/Tarcher. The Spiritual Arts website is spiritualarts.org

Adriana Paredes M A – M Ed.-CEAF. is a visual artist, poet, teacher, certified expressive arts facilitator, and marketing director for Spiritual Arts Institute.


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