The Seven Spiritual Arts ~by Barbara Y. Martin

The Seven Spiritual Arts

The spiritual path is the most beautiful path you can embark upon – yet it is also the most demanding. Developing your spiritual nature requires effort, dedication and sincerity. It brings out the best in you – gives you courage to overcome adversity, heal conditions in your life and brings talents and abilities to their fullest bloom. Walking the spiritual path helps you to gradually unveil the mysteries of life so you understand your place in the divine plan.

What are the Seven Spiritual Arts? And why are they important in your life and spiritual development? These are seven facets of the spiritual life that are indispensable in your unfoldment. The spiritual path is a like a jewel of many facets. Each facet must be developed to succeed in your spiritual journey. Together they make you a well-rounded individual.


The aura and spiritual energy are essential because it is in your aura that you forge your spiritual mettle. it is through your aura that you generate the power to accomplish anything and everything in life.

There are two basic ways to develop your aura. One is with every good word, thought, act and deed. The other is through meditation. Both ways are essential in the spiritual development process. In the classes there is great emphasis on meditation and application.


The second spiritual art is Healing. What is healing? In a word, change. Changing one condition into another. This is the art of spiritual transformation. All of us need healing at one point or another. By understanding the principle of healing you are discovering the keys to healthy living in all facets of life.


The third spiritual art is karma and reincarnation. We all come to this earth with unfinished business – the karma, good and bad, we have generated in past lives and come to this life to work through. No matter what other good we do in this life, we cannot reach the spiritual pinnacle without facing and resolving our karma. And understanding the process of reincarnation is essential as it takes many lives to master the lessons of life.


The fourth spiritual art is consciousness. In this study there is special emphasis on understanding the spiritual dimensions of the mind. The mind is the navigator to the soul. An enlightened mind leads to an enlightened soul. By understanding the true source of all thining you can better tune into divine guidance and receive greater creative inspiration.


The fifth spiritual art is an important study called “The Spiritual Keys of Living”. The east Indians call this study Karma yoga – the law of right action.

This is about understanding how the heart chakra, or Hermetic Center, works. The Hermetic center is your action center and is the nucleus of your outer world activities. As you can imagine it is a busy center. The goal is to bring this center in alignment with your spiritual purpose.

The key to this center is application. Metaphysics is really a way of life. In order to grow spiritually you must employ the laws of metaphysics into everyday life. You must LIVE truth for truth to live in you.


The sixth spiritual art is the magnificent study of the spiritual hierarchy – and the understanding of your potential clairvoyant powers.

This spiritual art teaches that you are never alone in your spiritual journey. Your spiritual unfoldment is a cooperative process with the divine. I know personally, that I could not do what I do without the constant support of the Holy Ones. It can be hard to realize just how much our life is in god’s hands and how much loving, unseen help we receive on a daily basis.


And finally the seventh spiritual art is understanding the grand process of evolution itself – your spiritual ascent. This study steps back and looks at the big picture of your spiritual growth It explores how you are evolving through the spiritual planes and what are the steps of spiritual attainment and what is the ultimate purpose of evolution. By keeping the big picture in mind you will never lose the forest for the trees.

This study also helps you with discernment – understanding the potential pitfalls on the path so you can better evaluate the true from the false as not everything that has a spiritual label is in fact spiritual.

Together these seven spiritual arts give you a tremendous spiritual foundation. They make you a true metaphysician and advance you far on the road to spiritual maturity and enlightenment.

In closing, I urge you to make metaphysics a great part of your life. These principles take time to fully blossom in you. Make spiritual truth a living part of you and your life will be blessed in the most beautiful and wondrous ways. Armed with such knowledge you have the tools to succeed in your spiritual quest.

I wish you God’s blessings in all you do.

Barbara Y. Martin


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