The Aura and Your Career

The Aura and Your CareerOur career is certainly one of the most dominant areas of our life. Many of our experiences here on Earth are related to the pursuit of our career. In the aura, there are definite spiritual energies that are directly related to our work life. A predominant energy is a white light seen in the heart chakra or Hermetic Center. This white light reflects the diverse aspects of our talents and abilities that we must draw upon in our career pursuits.

Each of us has a unique spiritual purpose when it comes to our career. We are each playing a part in the divine plan of life. When we go with the flow with our purpose, naturally our life moves in a positive direction. If we confound our career purpose, this can become an endless source of frustration and disappointment. A challenge in our career is that we do not pursue this part of our life alone. Others are part of our career life and spiritual purpose. When others make life difficult or work against the spiritual grain, it can make our life arduous. Yet, regardless of how others are acting, it’s up to us to continue to do what we know is right and true in our heart and things will work out.

I have been asked what the Higher feels about the current job climate and the millions of people who have recently lost their jobs. This is a complicated issue, but of course the divine is working diligently to turn things around. It will take time but conditions will eventually get better. The key is to continue to pursue your career with more determination than ever, regardless if you are currently working or not.

What the Higher has emphasized is that with the overextending of credit, many jobs were created based on a market that did not really exist. Now that that economy is correcting itself, many of the jobs connected to the inflated market have disappeared. Complicating conditions are those who are hoarding money and deliberately manipulating the market for personal gain. Yet, regardless of what is happening, the job market will correct itself because the supply and demand of jobs has not really changed, just moved around. Where some jobs are lost, others will eventually be gained.

The current situation does not change the spiritual purpose and career potential each of us has. But it does ask you to look more closely at your work life and call on all of your spiritual strength to get through this painful re-tunement process. The emerald green ray of balance and harmony is very important in these situations to keep your steady and patience through career challenges. The gold light is excellent to work with in your aura to bring inner strength and courage to help you do your best. Regardless of present conditions, your destiny shines as bright as ever.

In Divine Light and love,

Barbara Y. Martin


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