Creative Energy: The Aura and Creativity

The Aura and Creative Energy


Creativity is essential both personally and in a progressive society. The world needs creative energy. Regardless if you are an artist or inventor, creativity needs to be part of your life. It is part of your spiritual power and makes life exciting. In today’s scientific world we tend to downplay the arts, yet both are essential for a well-balanced life.

God is creative and creativity is part of your spiritual evolution. Being creative is a reflection of God; it brings you into a higher level of consciousness. God gave you the ability to create – It’s one of your greatest blessings! Being creative trains you to become the co-creative being that you are destined to become.

Your aura plays an indispensable part in building up creativity it is where you generate the power to be creative. Once you generate that power, it will show up in your life.

What does creativity looks like in the aura? Creativity shows up in many ways. The first and most prominent is in a part of the aura known as the magnetic division. The magnetic division is seen a little above of the heart chakra and to the left . It looks like a blue sphere of light with energies radiating from it. And almost appears like its own energy center.

This is the place where you generate the spiritual power to bring the creative ideas into objective form. It is where you give life to creative inspiration. The color most often seen in the magnetic division is electric blue as this is the energy of talent.

When someone is very talented and expressing that talent, the electric blue will be vibrant and radiating strongly. If the person is talented, but not expressing the talent, then the electric blue can begin to fade indicating the talent is there but not being used.

In addition to the magnetic division, a very creative person will have flows of powder blue and silver light radiating down from above their head indicating the person is in touch with divine inspiration.

Notice that talent and inspiration are two different energies. This is because they represent two differing aspects of the creative process. You can be a talented individual but not inspired and vice versa. When the two are working together, you can accomplish great creative feats.

The Aura and Creative EnergyHow do you increase your creative flow? Start by being creative! It does not matter if you are a professional artist, simply express the creative urge within you. If you have a desire to sing, then sing. Or if you have a desire to write, then start writing. Make that a part of your life of for the sheer joy of your personal creative expression. And do not judge your creativity. If it’s truly coming from your heart, it’s part of the divine flow and will be constructive.

Call upon the powder blue ray for inspiration and new ideas. Meditate upon this power and feel it blessing all levels of your consciousness. Then follow through on whatever you are inspired to do. The divine does not inspire us with idle ideas. Inspiration is meant to be put to use! And through your creative expression you are drawing yourself closer to your divine source and the creative pulse beat of life itself.

In Divine Light and Love,

Barbara Y. Martin

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