The First Seven Years of Life

We all know how important a good upbringing is. In childhood, we form patterns of behavior that we carry for the rest of our lives. If we were fortunate to have been brought up in a loving and supportive environment, that will carry us a long way in life even if later on we meet […]

The Aura and Your Career

Our career is certainly one of the most dominant areas of our life. Many of our experiences here on Earth are related to the pursuit of our career. In the aura, there are definite spiritual energies that are directly related to our work life. A predominant energy is a white light seen in the heart […]

The Aura and Spiritual Evolution

It is estimated that today one in three people are looking to better themselves through personal and spiritual growth. It is a wonderful time where, despite the increasing challenges of life, we are seeking to find real answers to life’s biggest questions. In the pursuit of spiritual development, there is an essential part of us […]

Talent and the Aura

Talent shows itself beautifully in the aura. It comes through as an electric blue light. When the talent is pronounced, this energy will be radiating brilliantly. There is a whole division of the aura connected to talents and abilities because creativity plays such an important part in our spiritual development. We are all meant to […]

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