Healing at the Spiritual Arts Institute

“The service of healing is one of the greatest ways to bring you closer to the Divine.” – Barbara Y. Martin

Healing at the Spiritual Arts InstituteHealing is the cornerstone of spiritual work conducted at the institute. It is an essential part of the aura and spiritual growth. Effectively applying the principles of spiritual healing is the secret to healthy living in all aspects of life.

The study of the aura teaches us that we are channels of healing to the degree that we have built up our own auric power. For this reason, the practice of spiritual healing is incorporated in all the institutes workshops and classes.

For those who have a strong desire to become healers, we have designed an advanced-level Practitioner Healing Program. This program trains students in the art and practice of spiritual healing with Divine Light, as well as offer the opportunity to continue their own spiritual development.

In addition, we offer private healing consultations and absentee healings.


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