Prayers for Boston and West Texas

Angel of Mercy and PrayerIt has certainly been a dramatic week with two tragic events happening only a few days apart. Our hearts go out to those who were affected by the bombing in Boston and the explosion in West, Texas. It’s times like these that prayers are most effective along with any aid or support that can be offered.



Meditative Prayer

Heavenly Father, Holy Mother God Under the direction of the angels and archangels we ask that you send the Divine Light of love,peace and wisdom to those who have lost their lives in the Boston bombing and West Texas explosion. May the angels guide them home. We ask that the divine healing light go to all who are injured and request that the light of peace and strength go to families and friends of those who were injured or died. May protection and guidance go to all who are responding to these situations including health care practitioners, firefighters, police, state and federal agencies. We also ask for the orange-red flame to dissolve any lower energies connected to these events. Bless us with the golden ray of wisdom light to stay in our Higher Self and affirm that God is with us always.

So Be It.

Light and love,

Barbara Y Martin & Dimitri Moraitis


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