Spiritual Arts Institute Newsletter Holiday Issue 2015

Nov/Dec 2015 Holiday Newsletter from SAI

God’s Light in You

By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

This holiday season we celebrate the Divine Light. During this time, the spiritual hierarchy blesses all humanity with a down-pouring of Divine Light to uplift and and express the love that God and the spiritual hierarchy have for us.

We have this beautiful expression of the Divine Light within us, which we call the human aura. Let us remember what the aura is: It’s God’s Light in you. As sunlight nourishes all life, spiritual light nourishes all creation. It’s in everything; it’s in every blade of grass, in every plant, tree and animal. It feeds spiritual power to the tiniest things, from atoms and microbes, to the grandest of things, such as planets, stars and even galaxies. It’s the light of life itself.

Celebrate this holy power in you. Cherish and honor it. The Divine Light comes directly from the Godhead, flowing through the many, many planes of consciousness to reach us. It’s what transforms and brings us closer to the Divine.

Nov/Dec 2015 Holiday Newsletter from SAI
God gives us free will to use this sacred power as we wish. When we use the Divine Light for the purpose it was intended, our aura expands, and we elevate our consciousness to greater levels of awareness. If we misuse the Divine Light, the vitality of this power diminishes, and we darken our aura.

The holiday message the Holy Ones share with us is that they see the Divine Light getting stronger in 2016. There is a beautiful white light building around the planet. They see more people moving more towards the light. There’s going to be a stepping up in spiritual power that the Higher will be sending to humanity, and those who are working strongly with the Higher will reach new spiritual heights.

They caution us not to be discouraged by calamities happening in the world. The dark side is continuing to lose ground but is still very dangerous. The Higher asks us to keep up our prayers for all that is going on, especially in the Middle East. The situation is dire. There is misery, and unfortunately, it will most likely get worse before it gets better. Yet as always, the Divine is working diligently to turn things around.

2016 is also going to be a year of finishing up current projects to prepare for new activities coming up. So take care of unfinished business this New Year!

Let God’s light shine brightly in you. Be a channel of that light for others. Be kind and giving this holiday season. Give of yourself to others with your time, energy and resources. May God bless you always.

Latest News

Our fall 2015 Fund Drive is moving along. We are deeply grateful for all who have given generously. We’re better than halfway there, but we still have some ways to go to reach our much needed goal of $65,000 by January change-your-aura, 2016. You can make a donation and watch our progress by clicking here. With your help, we can open the doors to your new center. This long-awaited center will offer many new opportunities for students world-wide.

As a non-profit, we depend on the support of generous donations to support all SAI activities. We receive donations throughout the year, yet the Fall Fund Drive is our most important time to reach out to you. Financial contributions keep our classes and programs affordable, as well as help to fund new projects to offer more high quality metaphysical instruction.

This fall, there were exciting training programs at the Institute. In The Kingdom of Light Teacher Program, students explored the spiritual origin and dimensions of the physical body in the Spiritual Anthropology course. In The Direct Divine Light Healing Program, students learned powerful healing techniques for what is known as the auric templates. These templates play an instrumental role in health. In the eye-opening Karma and Reincarnation course, students received inspiration to better understand active karmic conditions in their lives and how to work to resolve those situations. This fall’s Change Your Aura Foundation courses were particularly inspiring, with a wonderful group of new students.

On the publishing front, production is moving forward to prepare for the release of the revised and updated edition of Change Your Aura, Change Your Life which will be released April 2016.

Our 2016 classes begin January 13, including Change Your Aura, Change Your Life Foundation course, which is the gateway to all the training at the Institute. Please note that starting in 2016, all classes are being offered in-person and online. We have some exciting workshops and webinars in the works for the New Year. Details coming soon!

As the new Spiritual Arts Center unfolds, we will keep you up-to-date on all the details and how you can participate. With your help, we are well-positioned to make 2016 a year of extraordinary growth and service.

Wishing you a bright and happy Holiday Season!

Winter 2016 Change Your Aura Foundation Courses

Our ground-breaking course on the aura and spiritual energy begins January 13, 2016. This is the gateway to all the training at the institute.

What Are The Seven Spiritual Arts?

These seven mystical arts offer essential Divine Light principles that build an enduring foundation of spiritual skills which you can apply in any aspect of life. The next courses in this series include The Spiritual Keys of Living and The Healing Power of Your Aura Courses.


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