The Aura and Life Purpose

Q: How can I discover my purpose in life?

A: This is a question that burns in many people’s minds, and is on our list of the Inspirations most asked questions. It is essential that each of us ponder this question. Too many people live life without really asking what their purpose is. The first thing to realize is that each of us has a purpose. We are not meant to walk through life aimlessly even though it may feel like that at times. There is a grand plan of life that we are all part of. A second thing to see is that somewhere in your consciousness, you already know what your purpose is. You already know what you are meant to do. This tells us that part of the journey of life is to rediscover that purpose. It’s our job to be persistent and find our purpose no matter how long it takes. No one can do that for us.

An interesting spiritual energy to work with in meditation if you feel disconnected is the emerald green ray of balance. This energy ray can help bring you back in harmony with your purpose, and the spiritual rhythm of life.


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