The New Year 2010

The New Year 2010I hope this Holiday season has brought you much good cheer and that the New Year 2010 is starting off in the right direction. During the Holidays and into the New Year, the divine sends a great deal of spiritual light to planet earth. People are more open to the spiritual impulse during this time and there is a better cooperation between humanity and the spiritual hierarchy.

What can we expect in 2010? The Higher is sharing that the New Year is going to have its challenges; things may continue to be tough, but that in the midst of these challenges there will be great opportunity for growth. They encourage you not to feel discouraged if things are not yet going the way you would like, but to redouble your efforts and do your very best. While an all out economic catastrophe has been averted, we have still not worked through all the ramifications of what has happened. Things are still unsettled so you must continue to show strength and fortitude until things turn more fully for the better – which they will.

All moments of crisis and challenges are moments of change and potential opportunity. Rather than hoping or expecting things to be easier, grab the bull by the horns and put your best foot forward. Keep being the best person you know how to be. Build your strength yet continue to show compassion. Maybe this is the time to explore new avenues in a career direction or find new and inventive ways of going about getting work. Whatever your situation is, continue to show hope and optimism regardless of the obstacles. Let go of old resentments and grudges. There simply is no time for anything that can slow you down or hold you back. You want to soar into the sky and take your life in new directions.

Remember, your destiny is always in your own hands. If there was ever a time to weave the life purpose that is in your tapestry of life, this is the time. You can make it happen. All the gifts and tools of Spirit are ready to work with you. With sincere effort and application, you can make this your best year yet.

Wishing you a very bright New Year 2010,

Barbara Y. Martin

Spiritual Director


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