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There are many times in life when it is not clear which way to go. You may have a career decision to make or a personal issue that needs to be addressed and clarity as to the best course of action is eluding you. It is these times you can request help from an extraordinary aspect of the spiritual hierarchy—the angels of rightful direction and divine guidance.

Every soul receives support from the angelic kingdom. These Holy Ones are God’s emissaries. Angels work at different levels of development and have specialties just like we do. The angels of rightful direction and divine guidance not only know your life chart, they understand how your purpose fits into the bigger picture of the great plan of life.

Rightful direction means knowing the right road to take that will keep you in alignment with your higher purpose. When you are deciding things like which career to pursue, which person to marry, whether or not to have children and so on, you receive the support of the angels of rightful direction. We all receive this loving inspiration even if we have no belief in angels or spirituality.

Divine guidance means understanding how to navigate through life’s twists and turns once you know your direction. For example, say you have decided to pursue a career in business. The angels of divine guidance will help steer you through those waters to be successful in your aspirations.

In the aura, there are several spiritual energies connected to direction and guidance. If gold is strongly seen in the aura, it shows a decisive person who is outgoing and willing to take chances. Such a person has learned from their experiences and become the wiser for it.

When silver is strongly seen in the aura, especially if it is seen in the heart chakra, this indicates a quick, perceptive person who is following through on the guidance and direction that is being given.

White light seen in the aura indicates high spiritual power, a visionary person. This soul is very in tune with the divine. He or she does not get caught up in petty things or distractions and can see the greater perspective.

The skills of being divinely directed and guided can only be strengthened through use. You have to develop your character to be in alignment with the Holy Ones and your higher purpose. Too many times we mistakenly think we are answerable to no one but ourselves and try to solve our own problems without opening to inspiration.

To effectively connect with divine guidance and direction, cultivate a receptive, dynamic nature. Be a person who is willing to take a risk on something that you intuitively know is worthwhile. Even if mistakes and failures happen, take personal responsibly and learn from those mistakes.

Patience is another important trait in working with the angels. There is a timing when thing are meant to unfold. If you are hasty or impatient, you can miss opportunities. When receiving inspiration, be impartial and open-minded. If it’s coming from the angels, it will be for your highest good.

As always, meditation is the master key to tuning into the Higher. Go into the silence, the oneness of life. Tune into your own higher nature to hear what the mystics call “the still small voice within.” With practice and sincere intention, you can build an intimate relationship with the angels that will bless all facets of your life.

Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis are the co-founders of Spiritual Arts Institute, the premier metaphysical school for the aura, health and spiritual growth.

Walking with the Angels of Guidance and Direction Workshops

On June 27th, Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis will be conducting this exciting introductory workshop in Santa Monica, California. Sharing insights from their latest book Communing with the Divine, Barbara and Dimitri show how to work with the angelic beings of guidance and direction whose job it is to help set your feet on the right path and navigate you through life’s many twists and turns. Learn effective meditations to better tune into the Holy Ones for spiritual upliftment, illumination and clarity to empower you to make right decisions.


  • How decision-making energy shows up in the aura
  • Keys to generating more confidence to take risks and try new things
  • Meditations to release perceived stumbling blocks, fears and confusion
  • Spiritual tools to strengthen your divine rhythm and spiritual timing
  • Guidelines to discern inspired guidance from your own human wants and appetites
  • How to work with the spiritual energy rays of wisdom, understanding and revelation to draw you closer to your divine source

Select aura readings are part of this event.

This workshop is FREE, but register online or call to reserve a seat. Space is limited! Click here to register today!


Unitarian Universalist Community Church

1260 18th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90404 (cottage just north of the church on 18th street

800.650.AURA (2872)

Not in Southern California? Join the free teleclass!

On June 29th, join our inspiring Walking with The Angels of Guidance and Direction Teleclass, an introductory workshop conducted by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis.

You will receive all the insights listed above. Select aura readings are also a part of this event!

The teleclass is FREE, but register online or call to reserve a seat. Space is limited! Click here to register today!

Or call 800.650.AURA (2872)


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