What is a Spiritual Teacher

What is a Spiritual Teacher?

With the explosion of people awaking to their spiritual potential, it is more important than ever to understand what a spiritual teacher is and why he or she is an essential part of your spiritual growth. In the spiritual arena there are many types of people. There are those who are very good at sharing spiritual principles. Then there are those who are charismatic and good at motivating people to action. Then there are those who are heartfelt and share their personal spiritual experience to inspire you along the path. There are all wonderful way of helping souls along the spiritual path of evolution. Yet a spiritual teacher is something different.

A teacher of Divine Light is a soul who has the skill to help you reach your spiritual potential. When you have had your spiritual awakening, it is a signal that it is time for you to walk the path of Divine Light. It is the divine calling you. As you answer that call, you begin your spiritual climb. How far up in your spiritual ascent you can climb is what is termed your spiritual potential.

While no one can do your growing for you, there are many things to learn and develop to reach your spiritual potential. In truth, it is the most demanding discipline because it brings every part of your nature into action. Yet with great demand brings great reward. To fulfill your spiritual potential is one of the greatest accomplishments you can do on this earth.

You do not climb the spiritual ladder on your own. At every turn you have the spiritual hierarchy helping you in your ascent. Yet in addition, because there is so much involved in unfolding all the facets of your spiritual powers, every mystical tradition has emphasized the need for a spiritual teacher, someone who has walked further down that path and has the ability to help you unfold your spiritual powers.

One does not become a teacher overnight. It takes years of training and development to be qualified to teach. A genuine teacher is ordained by the divine; they do not choose this of their own. The Higher calls on them to teach. And this reveals an essential truth: The teacher is the connecting link for the spiritual hierarchy until the student can reach that place of direct communion with the divine on their own. This is not a psychic connection, but the direct mystical union with the divine which, sooner or later, is destined to experience. Through this direct communion, the door to enlightenment is opened.

There is a saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” If it has been your great fortune to fine a qualified spiritual teacher, it means you are ready to climb the spiritual heights. Take full use of this sacred opportunity. You don’t know how long in spiritual preparation you have been to reach this point. Make every minute count.


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