What is Enlightenment?

Today more than ever humanity is exploring various spiritual practices in search of truth. With so many choices, it can be difficult to know what is best for you and what will really lead to the great goal of enlightenment. As a metaphysical teacher, I see many people do not have a clear picture of what the goal of spiritual development is really all about. It is ironic because the purpose of metaphysics is to help you reach your spiritual potential, which will ultimately lead to enlightenment.

Enlightenment is no abstract idea, vague wish or fanciful notion. It is a very real part of your life and something attainable. At the same time, enlightenment is not something you will reach overnight. It will require all your talents, dedication and abilities to accomplish.

What exactly is enlightenment? Enlightenment means many things. It is the culmination of a long spiritual journey where many facets of human development come together as a unified whole. At its core, enlightenment is the ability to connect with the God presence within you. It means attaining the highest power ray in your evolutionary cycle where you become part of the hierarchy of light. It means you have passed from inner faith to inner knowing. An enlightened soul has reached a high level of maturity and awakened the inner senses latent in all humans.

Enlightenment shows itself unmistakably in the aura. The whole aura changes shape to a beautiful pointed oval. There is an expansive outer glow of light and power. Gold is strongly pronounced with an enlightened soul along with white light. With an enlightened aura, there are no dark or undeveloped areas. Every facet of the aura, from the chakras to the divisions, has taken on new qualities.

How do you reach enlightenment? Like any skill or art, spiritual development takes effort and training; there are no shortcuts. Yet the best way to start is right where you are. Start by building up the spiritual power in your aura and consciousness with every good word, thought, act and deed. Start at home with your family and friends. Bring the divine into your finances and workplace. Every good thing you do builds up and enlightens your aura.

If there is one message I wish to leave you with it is that enlightenment is your destiny. Regardless of when you reach this goal, every soul on this schoolhouse earth is meant to enlighten their soul and graduate so they can go onto greater spiritual adventures. If you have had you spiritual awakening, then it is time to start paying closer attention to this part of your life.

God bless you in your spiritual journey,

Barbara Y. Martin

Learn more about the meaning of Enlightment from Barbara Y. Martin in the second part of this blog series, What is Enlightenment? Part news.

Barbara Y. Martin is a co-founder of Spiritual Arts Institute, the premier metaphysical school for the aura, health and spiritual growth.


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