Working with the Hermetic Center

The Hermetic Center or heart chakra is an incredibly important part of our spiritual anatomy. Located in the middle of the chest, it is the seat of the soul. This means the soul is registering the experiences of life through this center. That’s saying a lot.

It is essential to keep our Hermetic Center moving strong. If the spiritual energy of this center is weak, it is difficult for the activities in our life to move in a positive way. From the point of view of the aura, the Hermetic Center is the energetic nucleus of our personal affairs. You might call it our action center. We need to constantly impress the Divine Light upon this center to keep it vital. One of the most important energies to have strong in this center is the emerald green ray, as this brings in balance and stability to all that we are doing. Another essential ray is the bright orange. This ray brings in motivation and enthusiasm. If I see this ray in the Hermetic Center, it means that the person is active in life, not sitting on the fence, and is pursing the things that need to be accomplished.

Let us know your experiences in working with the Hermetic Center!


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