A Meditative Prayer for Compassion

For centuries we have heard the immortal words, “Love Thy neighbor as Thy self.” This ancient wisdom reveals a deep spiritual truth – we are intimately connected as one in the body of God. To truly treat others compassionately, we need to recognize the Divine in them as well as in ourselves.

When saying this meditative prayer, envision a golden sun above your head about two feet. This is your Higher Self Chakra Point. Hold your attention here as you ask the Divine to bless your aura in a shower of Divine Light.

“I ask that you down-ray the deep rose-pink ray of spiritual love to my aura and all levels of my consciousness to deepen my compassion for others.

May this spiritual light bless my thoughts so that I first see others as the divine beings they are. May this Holy Love touch my soul so that I feel my own divinity and open my heart to be more generous in my loving expression with others.

I ask that this Divine Light bless the Higher Self Point of those I interact with, so they see themselves in a more compassionate light. May the joy of God fill my heart.


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PC: Gregory Colbert


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