A Meditative Prayer for Father’s Day

SAI Blog Fathers Day Prayer

Our meditation for June is dedicated to the sacred masculine, the powerful dynamic aspect of the Divine that exists throughout all creation. The energy of this month calls us into a deeper awareness of our ability to initiate the creative process. This month, tune into your inspirations and take action!

When saying this prayer, envision a golden sun about two feet above your head. This is your Higher Self Chakra Point. Hold your attention here as you ask the angels to send the Divine Light to the Fathers of the world.

“I ask that the fathers of the world be illuminated with the golden ray of wisdom light under the Archangel Michael to strengthen them in mind, body and soul.

Let all fathers realize they are the reflection of our glorious Heavenly Father God. As the Infinite Divine Father initiated the creative process, which led to the birth of our human souls, our earthly father initiated the holy creative act that opened the door to our earthly experience.
May they be blessed with divine love and understanding 
and feel our gratitude for all they do.”

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