A Message from Barbara

There really is a Spiritual Renaissance that is arriving. It is the next step in the evolution of humanity and the planet. While orchestrated by the divine, this New Day will take all of us working together to make happen. As we approach the Holiday season let us ask what we can do personally to quicken the advent of this New Glorious Day.

EFFORT – First and foremost, the Spiritual Renaissance is a call to action. Too many feel they do not have enough time or have too many commitments to pursue the spiritual path. The truth is there is always time for the divine. Make room for God and watch how the rest of your life falls into place. As Alice Bailey said, “Circumstance and environment offer no true obstacle to the spiritual life.”

COOPERATION – We’ve come a long way in realizing that while we are diverse cultures and races, we are part of the family of God and all play an essential part in the divine plan. Of course, there is still work to do to realize the inherent unity within us all. In the spiritual arena, many spiritual groups forget that regardless of the creed or belief we may follow, the New Day is for us all. We need to support all our brothers and sisters in light.

SUPPORT – There needs to be a channeling of resources to materialize the divine plan. Too many groups that are making essential contributions are sorely underfunded and understaffed to complete the task at hand. God has given us worldly resources not so much to suit our own desires but to serve our part in the divine plan.

It takes courage to step up to the plate and do your part regardless of what others are doing. A fire must first start as a flame. Refuse to let fear stand in the way of what you know is the right course of action.

The beauty of the Spiritual Renaissance is, it is not emanating from one single group. It’s truly a grass roots phenomenon. And this is its strength – individual efforts creating a collective effect. As you do your part, others follow. Slowly but surely, the wealth of the earth will flow into areas of life and society it was destined for and this will lay the very groundwork for the New Day.

In closing, let it be said that the divine knows when the Spiritual Renaissance will arrive. One thing is sure, by doing your part not only are you contributing to your own personal enlightenment, you are helping to enlighten the world.

In light and love,

Barbara Y. Martin


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