A Prayer for Japan

a Prayer for Japan“Almighty and Everlasting God, our hearts and prayers go to Japan and everyone who has been affected the by earthquake and tsunami. We ask that the healing light of God go to all the injured, the lost, the homeless and to help ease those souls who have made their transition. May the peace of God envelop all who are shaken and distress so that they may feel that God is with them always and that their fellow brothers and sisters are praying for them and ready to help in any way.

We pray for God’s help to contain the situation at the nuclear power plant. We ask that the angels and archangels of Divine Light can contain the situation and bring everything to a safe conclusion. May the golden ray of wisdom and courage go to the leaders to help them make the right decisions and to be responsive to the guidance of the divine. May the protective light of God surround all souls who are in potential danger; to rescue workers, medical workers, and those who are working at the nuclear power plant so that they continually receive the blessings of God and the Holy Ones.

May the love of God bless this planet as a whole, so that all the kingdoms of the earth are blessed in God’s eternal light and to bring us peace and compassion and that we may use this as a time to draw closer to God. In this hour of need, let Thy goodness and grace come shining through. Amen.”

In Light,

Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis

copyright 2011


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