Angels and Your Spiritual Evolution

The angelic realm is a key partner in your spiritual unfoldment and awakening divine consciousness. The angels help you in so many ways. It is incredible how much your life is in their loving hands. As you awaken spiritually, the angels are there supporting you through the divine process.

There are seven stages in your own unfolding enlightenment and this corresponds to seven levels of angelic support. The divine ones not only help you in your life’s pursuit, they support you through these seven stages in realizing your potential.

The first stage in walking the divine path is your spiritual awakening. This is something every aspirant goes through. It is the mystical moment when you become aware there is a greater divine life to pursue. Following this is a spiritual “honeymoon period.” This is when you are given the opportunity to explore and play with your newfound awakening. It is a joyful time as the glimmer of new horizons and opportunities start to reveal themselves.

A third stage is when you start to make a more concentrated effort to unfold your spiritual potential and step into higher states of awareness. Gently, the angels acclimate you to the higher life. This leads you to a fourth stage of unfolding awareness when you start adjusting and tempering the various facets of your life, so they are in better harmony with your awakening. This can be challenging as others may not understand what you are doing. There may also be resistance as you may not want to make the changes the higher life is inspiring you to make.

As you continue to support your unfolding divine consciousness, you enter a most beautiful phase of work with the angels. This is when you start learning mystical truths that inspire you to take bigger steps in your spiritual unfoldment. The angelic support you receive at this point is truly wonderful. You start to see yourself in new ways and receive extraordinary insights into the divine life.

As you continue to pursue your deepening divine awareness, you enter into a sixth phase of awakening. Here you learn to drop the dominance of the lower nature to truly embody your higher self. Incredible spiritual support is offered in this stage of development as you learn to surrender to the divine life. The initial joyful exuberance of finding the spiritual path matures into a deeper, sustaining love of the higher life.

Eventually as you master this essential sixth phase of unfoldment, you have reached an extraordinary place. Through the support of the angels, you have truly learned to temper your soul to mirror the divine life. This leads you into the seventh and most dramatic phase of your majestic path of unfoldment – enlightenment. Extraordinary angelic support ushers in this pinnacle of development. These angels of enlightenment have been encouraging you all along, but now they can directly work with you. You have reached the culmination of a long yet beautiful spiritual journey.

The angels are your unfailing support in all life’s pursuits. Celebrate the incredible opportunities you are being given to awaken the mystical side of your nature. Express gratitude to the angels who are helping you reach your highest spiritual potential.


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