Barbara Y.Martin Part news: The Years of Spiritual Training

When people experience Barbara’s spiritual gifts and the apparent ease with which she expresses those gifts, what is not seen are the many years of training and development it took to develop those spiritual talents.

Barbara Y. Martin Part news: The Years of Spiritual TrainingWhen Barbara was eleven year old, she met a woman who would change her life. Her family had moved to Kansas City, Missouri. There, she joined a well-known acting troupe headed by Dorothy La Moss. One day, Dorothy confronted her privately, saying, “You can see the aura.” Barbara didn’t even know that what she was seeing was called the aura! That day marked the beginning of her spiritual training in the art of metaphysics. It turned out Dorothy was a hermetic scientist, and she could see the aura as well. She had old, handwritten books that were passed on to her from her mother and grandmother. These manuscripts described the aura in detail, along with many other facets of the spiritual world. The young Barbara spent hours with Dorothy in her studio learning about her spiritual gifts and discovering the world of metaphysics. Armed with this new knowledge, Barbara now understood and could interpret what she was seeing.

As a result of this experience, she started her direct training with celestial beings. Angels and other Holy Ones would come around her not only to support and bless her but to begin teach her. As she interacted with these divine beings, Barbara’s spiritual powers and talents increased.

Despite this developing spiritual life, she kept quiet about what she knew. During her high school years, she tried to put aside her spiritual talents and live a “normal” life, but the divine had other ideas for her. She eventually realized that the spiritual life was a part of her, but still thought of this as a personal journey, not something she would share with others.

At nineteen, she was producing variety shows for the USO that included such celebrities as Red Skelton, Mona Freeman, Susan Hayward, and many others. Yet the spiritual calling continued to beckon her. At a certain point, she realized that entertainment was not her destiny in life. The divine told her she was meant to be a metaphysical teacher. Barbara agreed and so began a period of inner spiritual training. She was shown many facets of the spiritual life from firsthand experience. Barbara began having intense spiritual visions and visitations with wonderful celestial beings from the other side who instructed her.

Then in her later twenties, while living in Los Angeles, she met Dr. Inez Hurd, a well-known mystic. Inez was an advanced soul who taught private groups and did not go on the lecture platform. She was very clairvoyant and had a developed connection to the spiritual hierarchy.

It was Inez who would help bring Barbara to the maturity of her spiritual talents and prepare her for the rigors of teaching. She told Barbara that she would one day speak publicly on the aura. This was a prophetic statement, because at the time very little was known about the aura.

Barbara studied for years with Inez, even living with her for a period of time. While working with Inez, opportunities started opening up to lecture on metaphysics. These opportunities eventually opened the door to her teaching career.


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