Building Harmonious Relationships with the Aura

Building Harmonious Relationships with the Aura

We are all meant to have healthy, harmonious interactions with others. We can only fully have that when we are coming from a place of divine love. Divine love is the most powerful, primary force in the universe. It is the bond that holds all creation together. Without love, there’d be no purpose to life, no desire to create or act on anything. Divine love embodies all the attributes of the spiritual life such as gentleness, kindness, understanding and compassion.

To build your spiritual love flow, begin by seeing others as the spiritual beings that they are. This will help you to get out of the material sensing of people. See people in the best possible light regardless of what they are showing you. Come from a place of kindness and generosity. Express this love regardless of how the others are expressing their love to you. If it feels like it’s too hard to love someone, ask God to love them for you.

The dynamics of our relationships show up clearly in the aura. They are particularly seen in and around the heart chakra or as also called, the Hermetic center. This chakra is the nucleus of your outer world expression and reveals how you are relating to people—your true motives and intentions. It also shows how others are relating to you.

A relationship is a two way street. It’s not only your energy to consider, but the energy of the other person as well. A most fascinating thing to observe in the aura is exchange of spiritual energies from one person to another. When there is love, there are wonderful rays of pink light seen flowing from one person to another. The exchange is elevating and enlightening. It encourages you to do more for the other person.

As you deepen such a relationship, the energetic bond deepens as well. So to strengthen your loving relationships, do something good for the people you love. Show them how you feel. Let your love light shine!

But when there is discord with others, there can be disturbing and dark energies transferring from one aura to another. This is why you have to be careful when you are feeling angry or upset. Such feelings not only create dark energy in your own aura, that energy can transfer itself to others. This is also why you need to hold strong when others are having difficulty relating to you. For example, say there is a co-worker who is angry at you. You have to interact with this person because you are working together. You are doing your best to get along, but this other person is disturbed by you. If you can keep your spiritual equilibrium, the negative energy this other person is projecting will not enter your aura, even though the energetic exchange is mixed.

If instead of trying to approach the situation from a healthy perspective and being forgiving, you react to that negative energy by getting distressed or resentful, then you have brought that person’s disturbing energy into your aura. And you will need to cleanse your aura of that unhealthy energy.

The indispensible spiritual power to work with when it comes to relationships is the deep rose-pink ray of spiritual love. Use this ray in your relationships every day. It is the ray that gives you the power to build a more loving expression, heal any type of relationship friction and create the loving relationships you desire.

By learning how to love each other, you are learning to love the divine. The only way to climb high the spiritual ladder is with a great deal of love.

In Divine Light and Love,

Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis

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