The Secret Destiny of America

We all know the inspiring story of the formation of the United States—how a rebel colony broke away from the mighty British Empire to establish a new nation in a new land, founded on the highest ideals of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Prayer for St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love in every form of expression. It’s a time to thank the Higher and attune to the vibration of unconditional love that is constantly pouring from the heart and mind of Mother/Father God. When saying this meditative prayer, envision a golden sun above your head about two […]

August Q&A with Barbara and Dimitri

Your Spiritual Questions Answered!
   Every month Barbara and Dimitri answer your most pressing questions about metaphysics and spiritual growth. JM asks: How do you break bad habits? Barbara & Dimitri’s Answer: Bad habits are patterns of behavior built over time. The thing to remember is they are not part of our divine nature, they […]

A Meditative Prayer to Trust Divine Inspiration

Sometimes when we get an inspired idea we don’t trust ourselves enough to put that inspiration into action. By working with this prayer you can uplift your consciousness and summon the courage to realize your dreams. When saying this meditative prayer, envision a golden sun above your head about two feet. This is your Higher […]

Communing with the Divine

Of the clairvoyant gifts I have been blessed with, I count my connection with the Holy Ones as my most essential. From the first experience of seeing an angel at age three, the Holy Ones of Divine Light have been my constant companions and support personally, professionally, and spiritually. I have been a metaphysical teacher […]

Prosperity and the Turquoise Ray

Spiritual energy is not a genie or a magic wand. The purpose of Divine Light is to raise your consciousness so that you are more in tune with the divine in all its glorious facets. This automatically has the effect of helping your life go smoother.Take, for example, the turquoise ray of abundance and supply. […]

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