Finding Purpose in the Uncommon Places

by Adriana Paredes, SAI Staff Writer

Finding Purpose in the Uncommon Places“The following story illustrates how Spirit provides us with clues as to what is the next step in our lives when we are open to that guidance. Back in 2010 Rachel O’Neill went to Africa to celebrate her 50th Birthday. Little did she know that her birthday gift from Africa was going to find a “calling” one that would bring a new purpose to her life.

As she visited the African countries, she saw many little girls wearing old, torn, and filthy clothes, these images kept tugging at her heart. So she wrote in her journal the idea of sewing 1000 dresses for some of these girls. Rachel didn’t know how to sew, yet she didn’t let this deter her from her intention of wanting to give something.

Following her inner prompting she shared her idea with members of her church, who immediately began to get together to create the dresses. The idea spread like wildfire and many community groups began to work on Rachel’s dream. Soon Rachel began to receive boxes with dresses sewn by strangers across the nation who responded to her call. Rachel went back to Africa giving out many dresses for little girls. And now boy’s clothes are being sewn.

According to Barbara Y Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, teachers of The Kingdom of Light Teachings, there are many different ways in which we can receive the inner guidance towards finding our purpose. One of them is through daily meditation – this helps us by quieting and clearing our mind from its constant chatter –enlivening the ability to listen to the inner promptings that can guide us into finding our call, our purpose.

“The key is to put inspiration into action,” Martin says. “You won’t always know where inspiration will take you, but as you start to follow through on your ideas, that sets a whole new energy in motion. Often you will see a carnation red energy in the aura indicating the vitality and stamina associated with the dynamic action.”

“Tuning into your higher self is the starting place.” Moraitis adds. “Through meditation, you can access your higher nature for guidance and inspiration. But then once you have the idea, don’t let it sit, do something about it!”

If you want to find your purpose, practice quieting your mind, tune into your Higher Self, listen to the inspiration given, and put this into action. And just like Rachel you may be pleasantly surprise in how all unfolds.


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