How The Auras Affect Our Lives

“What exactly is an aura?”

An aura is a vibratory essence that surrounds all living things. It’s composed of the universal life force, the Divine Light, that you draw on every day. Your aura is an animating spiritual power that fuels everything you think, feel, and do.

It’s clairvoyantly seen in various colors and hues which corresponds to the quality of what you’re thinking, feeling and doing. If you are raging, that energy is going to reflect itself in your aura as a dark, devitalizing, vitiated red energy. If you’re feeling love, that energy is going to be radiating in your aura as an uplifting bright deep rose-pink energy.  The goal is to try to rid yourself of the weaker lower energies, and draw in more of the higher spiritual energies.

People often ask “What color is my aura? Am I a green, a blue, a pink aura?”

The truth is our aura is composed on many energies. The aura is a vast intricate manifestation just like all of us are. The auric field comprises many levels, layers and divisions because we are multifaceted beings.

There are two ways in which you uplift and develop your aura:

  1. Through every good word, thought, act and deed. Every good thing you do, recognized or unrecognized, enhances and brightens your aura. So keep doing good things!
  2. By meditating with Divine Light and then applying that spiritual power in your life.

To manifest anything in your life, you first have to have the power in you to make it happen.

By developing your aura, you grow closer to fulfilling your spiritual potential. Your aura is giving you the spiritual power to elevate everything in your life and ultimately serves to fuel your evolution.

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