What are the Kingdom of Light teachings?

The Kingdom of Light Teachings are an ancient Metaphysical tradition that can be traced back to the Hebrew Mystics 4,000 years ago and they offer a greater revelation of spiritual energy and divine light and understanding the nature of life and the nature of God and there are different facets of that Kingdom of Light tradition. The beauty is, the renaissance that’s happening today these traditions are very globally oriented so regardless of the culture you are from or even the tradition you may be involved in right now The Kingdom of Light tradition is non-denominational and really invites anybody that’s interested in Metaphysics to explore this type of spiritual teaching.

These marvelous teachings offers a comprehensive, metaphysical practice in working with spiritual energy—the Divine Light. Their purpose is to accommodate the blossoming in human consciousness and offer fresh insight to the ancient path of enlightenment. Following a 4,000-year-old tradition, these teachings embrace all aspect of metaphysics from the aura, meditation and prayer to healing, reincarnation and spiritual growth. The goal of these teachings is to help you reach your highest personal and spiritual potential.


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