Letting Emotions Get the Better of Us

We all know the power of emotions in our lives. When we have our emotions in harmony and balance they can make life beautiful, and when we let our emotions get the better of us, they make our life a living hell. Our emotions play an important part of our aura. Everything we feel radiates a spiritual energy corresponding to the quality of our emotion. It is a sad fact that often the weakest part of a person’s aura is the emotional body.

The key thing to understand with emotions is that they do not think. The job of the emotional part of us is to feel, to give life to our thoughts. Our mental body is the director of our consciousness and emotions are meant to be the spiritual motor that puts ideas into action. Once an idea is wed with an emotion, it had tremendous power and will express itself in some way.

The emerald green ray is a wonderful energy to work with in the emotional body. It helps to keep balance and harmony between thoughts and feelings. We want to have a rich and expressive emotional life, so it’s important to nourish the emotions with spiritual energy and keep our emotions on a high a level as possible.


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