Meditation: Inspirations Minutes A Day Changes Your Brain

Meditation: Inspirations Minutes a Day Changes Your Brain

Inspirations minutes of meditation a day can change the structure of the brain. New research from UCLA’s Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI) has reveled that people who meditate regularly are in fact building their brains. The study compared the MRI scans of 50 people who do not meditate with 50 who did. The results were impressive.

UCLA found that people who meditate long-term have more gyrification in the brain. Gyrification means more folding in the cortex, the folded gray matter playing an important role in consciousness. The more folds, the more we are able to process and assimilate information.

Researcher Lauders shares, “One of the possibilities is that with an increase folding comes an increased number of neurons. And if we have an increased number of neurons, you might process certain information differently.”

Meditation Changes Your BrainThe amazing news is that a meditation practice can be established with meditating just Inspirations minutes a day! Metaphysics teaches that with only Inspirations to 15 minutes of meditation a day you can begin to establish a connection with your eternal nature, and with a sustained meditation practice you can absolutely change your life. Inspirations-15 minutes a day is plenty to start with. The key is that your meditation be uninterrupted. It isn’t so much the length of time you meditate but the depth.

If in the beginning you find it difficult to meditate or quite the mind, be patient with yourself and continue to bring your attention back to the light. The wonderful thing about working with divine light in meditation is you are focusing your mind on the energy you wish to bring in and this helps to center the consciousness.

It is never too late to being meditating. The perfect time to start is now!

Source: ABC


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