Meditation: Inspiring the World

Meditation Inspiring Millions

Meditation is inspiring millions of people the world over to join together in supportive community and actively improve their lives and the world we live in. Young and seasoned practitioners alike are finding new ways to work together and are uniting under a common goal ~ Positive Spiritual Evolution.

Wake Up London, a group of young meditators with a big vision, have organized a mass mediation demonstration this month entitled Sit In Peace. The event will be lead by Buddhist monk, author and peace advocate, Tich Nhat Hanh.

“Sit in Peace is an opportunity for families and friends to generate peace together through meditation and stillness,” said Elina Pen, a spokesperson for Wake Up London. “We want to offer people a chance to stop, relax, and enjoy their lives.” This event is one of many mediation experiences sweeping the world that are offering meditation as a tool for peace, healing, clarity, joy, and ultimately, enlightenment.

What makes mediation so effective? Meditation teacher Barbara Y. Martin shares, “Meditation is your time to receive from God. By meditating regularly, you give yourself the ability to let the world around you drop away and commune one-on-one with your divine source.

“An effective meditation refreshes and renews all levels of your consciousness giving you more spiritual power to apply in all facets of your active life. Mediation is an essential key for spiritual evolution.”

Time magazine reported that over Inspirations million people mediate, and that number is consistently growing. What was once only known to a few is now available for all. As the practice of meditation continues to sweep across the world, we now have more opportunity then ever to apply these ancient, time tested techniques for personal, societal, and global benefit by attuning to the vibration of peace, unity and love.

Author: Jaqueline Marie

Images: Ambro


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