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Tracy asks:

From a metaphysical perspective, what is the difference between compassion and sympathy?

Barbara & Dimitri’s Answer:

This is a very complex spiritual question. First let us understand compassion. Compassion is a quality of the Higher nature. It is the ability to first see someone as the divine being they are and not the distressing condition they may be in. Being compassionate helps others recognize their own Higher Self, which helps uplift them out of their distress.

Sympathy is very different. It is an emotional response where you identify with another person’s ills. The challenge with sympathy is that you end up reinforcing the condition the other person is in rather than helping to alleviate it.

In all your social interactions, strive to be compassionate and you will best help others as well as yourself.

To help strengthen and build compassion practice the Divine Greeting: “The Divine in me greets the Divine in you. The Divine in you greets the Divine in me.”

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