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A reader writes: “Hello, I so enjoy these blogs . . . I am hoping maybe you can help with my energy system situation. I am noticing that sometimes my energy disappears and I become muddle-headed as soon as I have a thought that doesn’t work for me . . . I view that others have stronger energy systems and are able to do things that might be disagreeable to them while I can’t even think about it without upsetting my apple-cart. Would you be able to recommend anything for me? – Melinda“

An excellent question. Everyone has moments when something disturbs their spiritual equilibrium. This is all part of the learning process. Of course, the goal is to not let these moments get the better of us. As the Higher teaches us, it’s not what happens in our life that matters so much as how we handle what is happening to us. That is the part we are in control of.When something disturbs you, immediately turn to God and the Higher for help. Work with the light to release that disturbance. The white light is excellent for this as is the orange-red flame followed by the rejuvenating blue white-fire. Also work with the emerald green for balance in the emotional center. Then ask the divine for guidance and direction. Trust the Higher and your intuition and follow whatever guidance you’re receiving to the best of your ability.


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